Machninariam Walkthrough // The Bridge





The aim here is to get the cat at the top right of the screen.

1. Go up both sets of stairs and onto the next screen, take the stairs on the left.

2. Click on the control panel on the laptop, a piece will fall.

3. The owl will grab the piece, move to the rest of the screen and the owl will follow and mimic you.

4. Extend your head up and down until the wire is cut.

5. When the owl falls to the ground, pick up the piece.

6. Get the loose wire the owl cut and tie it to the bridge.

7. Go up the workers ladder and unplug his tool.

8. You will fall and the worker will move, pull the red wire hanging.

9. Go back to the control panel and open it, make the puzzle as in the hint sheet.

10. Add the missing piece into the top left corner, this will turn on an electric current.

11. Go back up the ladder and try and grab the cat.

12. The cat will then run and get electrocute itself.

13. Go back to the control puzzle and take a piece out. The cat will fall to the floor.

14. Pick up the cat and go back down to the Musicians.

15. Use the cat with the tube of the last musician and pick up the broken radio.

16. Go back up the stairs and into the town centre.

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