Machinarium Walkthough // The Broken Bridge and Arcade

bridge4 bridge1 bridge2 bridge3

1. Use the seeds with the machine on the right.

2. Put the oil can on the floor under the machine.

3. Move the machine up and down and juice will come out.

4. Go near the gard and lick on the pipe on this right and go down.

5. Go up the stairs and give the main the oil, he will then give you a ticket. Pick up the ribbon on the floor.

6. Go up the stairs on the left to where you grabbed the cat.

7. Use the ticket on the slot on the door.

8. Get on the bike and peddle to generate power.

9. Go to machine one and play the game until you get 1000 points.

10. Pick up the coin.

11. Move to the cycling machine and move the level to 2.

12. Pedal again until the next machine has power.

13. Use the hint sheet above to move the boxes and pass the level. Get a second coin.

14. Switch the lever to 3 and pedal. This machine is broken.

15. Go back to the town centre (where the old man is) and use the two coins on the vending machine on the right twice to get two batteries.

16. Combine the batteries and ribbon.

17. Go back down the stairs and up the pipe to return to the guard.

18. Give the batteries to the guard and he will let you pass.

19. Press the button and enter the door.

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