Wacom Intuos ‘Draw’ graphics tablet first impressions

Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet

Right, let’s get one thing out of the way, shall we kids? This is the first graphics tablet I’ve ever used. So my first impressions are just my general feelings on it and not compared with anything else.

This is one of the cheaper graphic tabelts out there and I’m sure you can get much better ones if you’re willing to spend the cash, but I wanted to see how I felt about them before spending too much.

I bought this because I want to start drawing a few graphics to compliment the images I use for my blog posts.

I had the Wacom brand recommended to my by a friend, so went to amazon and got one that cost around £50.

In the box, you get a CD with ArtRage light on it and can access some online drawing tutorials. You can download this from a website if your computer doesn’t have a CD drive. I struggled registering for the tutorials so kind of gave up.

The tablet itself is connected with a USB port, though you can buy an additional wireless kit to use it wireless if you wish. It’s about 16cm wide. I had no problem connecting it and as soon as I did, I was able to use it.

It’s recognised as a mouse, but this doesn’t interview with your main mouse. I had no problem using it with photoshop at all.

The pen recognises different pressure to get lighter and darker lines.

There are also shortcut keys that you can program to what you want.

I’m looking forward to getting to use this a bit more than I have been doing – I’ve not had much time to play with it yet but I’m hoping to create some fun drawings when I get to grips to this and with photoshop again!

Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet Wacom Intuos 'Draw' graphics tablet

If you want to get your own, just follow the affiliate link below:


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  • Sarah

    I’m not a great artist but I used to have a graphics tablet when I was younger and loved it, it was HUGE though. I love how this one is pretty small, so you could take it on the go with you and your laptop which is nice. Can’t wait to see what doodles you come up with!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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