Update required // Remind me NEVER

i hate updating my phone

I have a confession.

It’s almost as bad as how I never safely remove USB sticks. I just yank those fuckers right out of there. That’s what she said. 

So today I’ve finally given up to my iPhone. After weeks and weeks of pressing ‘remind me later’ several times a day, I’ve finally updated the new iOS.


I hate updates.

Not only does this mean I have to be without my phone for several minutes. Which only ever happens when I’m asleep. It also a great risk. The greatest of risk.

I’ve heard tales about it. From my friend.

She updated once and it ended in chaos.

She lost every single one of her photos.

Every single photo and video of her cat as a kitten.

Of course, I had half of them on my phone because that’s what girls do. Send each other photos of their kittens. Or something like that. But look how adorable he is:


So now on top of having to spend time without my phone, I risk losing 30k photos. Yes. That’s how many photos I have. This is also why I need to get the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. Becuase my 128GB one clearly isn’t enough.

It’s not just my phone I have this issue with.

But everything.

Apps. My Mac. My Xbox.

I turned my Mac on this morning and it’s like TIME TO UPDATE and I’m like REMIND ME LATER. Raging that there’s no remind me NEVER option.

Why hasn’t this option been invented yet?

Xbox is the worst because there’s no remind me later options.

It’s either update RIGHT NOW. Or you die.

Okay, so you don’t die. But you have to update there and then. And they take forever. I only wanted to play a few rounds of COD and have a few beers. By the time the update is complete, I’m too wasted to aim properly.

There is no point to this post.

I just wanted to tell you that updates ruin my life.

The end.

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