Tech Christmas Wishlist

Tech Christmas Wishlist

Ohhh, Christmas is not long at all now!

I’ve put together a bit of a gift guide, or a wishlist list, whatever you want to call it.

These are all things that I’d love to get for Christmas. I’ve kept the list full of things that you can get for less than £20. I honestly would love nothing more than a gold Macbook and an Olympus Pen, but that’s not going to happen, is it!?

Tech Christmas Wishlist

  1. USB Plug – How many times are you trying to charge your iPad, iPhone and portable charger all at once? ME ME ME. This multi-plug lets you charge several USB devices at once. My parents took one of these on holiday and it was so handy!
  2. Phone Shutter Remote – want to take photos on your phone without having to do an awkward selfie angle? This shutter remote lets you take photos from a distance so you can get more people in the shot!
  3. Phone and Tablet Stylus – whether you want to draw small designs or take notes on your phone or tablet – this fine tipped stylus is perfect for doing so.
  4. Macbook Sticker – there are so many of these around now and they’re all so cool! Just type ‘Macbook sticker’ into amazon and have a look for yourself.
  5. Virtual Keyboard – this virtual keyboard shoots down a laser onto a surface to allow you type fast on your tablet or phone!
  6. Virtual Reality Glasses – this cardboard frame is designed to hold your phone and then play games or videos that make it seem like you’re in some kind of virtual reality game!
  7. Portable Charger – the more we rely on our phones, the more scary it gets when our battery gets to that critical point – I know after 9 hours my phone is starting to tell me it’s only on 20 or 10% – so a portable charger can be a God send when you don’t know when you’ll be near a plug next!
  8. USB stick – this USB stick is transformer style – you can get plenty of novelty sticks now and they make great fun gifts.

What’s on your tech wishlist?


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