July Wishlist


I’m always wanting to upgrade my gadgets, or get new things. My Amazon wish list is pretty intense! It’s getting bigger by the day.

Here are some of the things I’ve been having my eye on lately:


Apple trackpad // I’ve got an old wired mouse connected up to my Mac Mini. I’ve been dying for a trackpad for ages but they’re quite expensive and  already forked out £60 for a Mac keyboard. This month I might be tempted, though!

GoPro // I’m going on holiday in September and I’ve love a GoPro to take capture some of my adventures in the water and hopefully doing some fun activities!

iPhone charging case // My battery seems to die pretty quickly. I struggle to get through a 9 hour shift at work without getting below 10%. I do have an external charger but one already strapped to my phone seems much more efficient. This might be a treat for when I go on holiday!

Gold Macbook // I don’t even need to explain this one. It’s beautiful.

Light Ring // For take photos of meh face in makeup posts!

Mac memory // My Mac mini is two years old now and is starting to feel it. Upgrade me please. I’ve been promising myself this for months!

xBox One // A few years ago, I was majorly into gaming. Then blogging came along and stole all my time. I kind of miss those days when I spent hours on my xBox 360. I don’t use it enough to justify buying the xBox One, but a girl can dream.

What have you got your eyes on?

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