AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker Review

AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker Review

It’s been a good 18 months since I’ve wrote a review on one of the portable Bluetooth speakers from August. Back in early 2014, I reviewed the August SE30 and bright pink August MS425 over on my lifestyle blog.

They’ve been in contact again to ask if they could send me one of their new models: The August MS515.


The MS515 is a bit different to the August speakers I’ve tried previously – this one has two speakers, instead of just one.

They connect to any Bluetooth device, such as your phone, tablet, laptops and smart TVs to offer a powerful and balanced stereo sound.

AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Inside the box you get the changing cable (charges by USB), a connection cable to connect the main speaker to the secondary one, and two cables that allow you to connect the speakers to any devices that might not have bluetooth.

AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker

AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker

AUGUST MS515 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The speakers small (about 10-11cm at their longest) and really light weight. They look stylish and sleek, a prism shape that would look great on a desk or shelf.

On the back of the main speaker is the power button, the connections and a dial that allows you to change volume, pause, play and speak tracks.

The second speaker just has the connections and power button.

They boast a massive 15 hour battery life! Which is probably longer than my iPhone would play music for.


Connection is easy. You need to use the cable to connect the primary speaker to the secondary speaker. Then turn them on and it will begin to search for Bluetooth devices.

Just go into your Bluetooth settings and connect with it on your phone!


As for sound quality, you can be the judge of that for yourself with the below videos.

August MS515 Sound Test

iPhone sound test.

You can get order your own on Amazon by clicking on the affiliate link via the image below:


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