Top 5 messaging apps

Top 5 messaging apps

There is an abundance of messaging apps out there for smartphones, and it’s often very difficult to chose the one that’s suitable for your needs, whether it’s for personal use or business. You’ll likely to do all sorts of research when it comes to a new phone and, after you’ve trawled through different mobile networks, product types and models on tech blogs, you’ll now you need an app that will perform the tasks most important to you. Below, we’ve put together the top five messaging apps for you to consider.


WhatsApp is enormously popular with 800 million users worldwide; this could have something to with it boasting apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and the Windows Phone. WhatsApp allows you to send photos, documents, text and call over Wi-Fi for free – ideal to avoid the costly MMS charges or if you want to call a friend from abroad for a catch-up. It’s simple to use, free and you can log onto your WhatsApp from your computer, too.


For all those people out there love to customise and organise their lives, Google Messenger offers you this in the form of colour coordinating your contacts. It has a fluid easy-to-use design that lets you scroll through your messages easily. Unfortunately, all you iPhone lovers out there will be left out with this one as it’s only available on Android. However, that’s not to say that you can’t message someone who doesn’t have Google Messenger, they just won’t have the same colourful responses as you do.


Skype is mostly known for video calls, but you can also send instant messages to any of your Skype contacts. It’s an all singing, all dancing app that gives you three different ways to communicate in one go. Ideal if you want a ‘face to face’ conference call, chat to a relative that lives far away or send an instant message to a friend. It’s very easy to download and can be used on a number of devices. It’s also free if you’re just after the basic package.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Skype, consider the virtual phone numbers for businesses offered by Capital Telecommunications. Not only do they offer a range of 03 and 08 numbers to use for your business, but they allow you to use them from your smartphone.


A messaging app for those worried about privacy. It comes from Open Whisper Systems (that has the seal of approval from Edward Snowden, no less), is simple to use and your conversations are encrypted. It is available for iOS and Android, keeping its target market pretty open. There is no message backup, so don’t send anything you don’t want to keep permanently, this is because it doesn’t record metadata. So if you need to send a colleague delicate information or you’re concerned about phone hacking, this could be the perfect choice for you.


Like Signal, Frozen Chat offers end-to-end encryption, but it also has Off The Record Messaging. This means that your messages are protected, and you can verify whom you’re speaking to. Unlike Signal, Frozen Chat is only available on Android but could be the solution to your security fears.

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