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Microsoft Lumia 640 Review // My Favourite Lumia Yet

Nokia 640 Lumia Review

The Lumia 640 is the third handset I’ve tried out of the Lumia range from Microsoft.

I’ve also reviewed the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 930 – and although the Lumia 640 isn’t classed as one of the high end phones amongst the range, it has to be one of my favourites.

nokia lumia 640 review

The Specs:

  • Display: 5 inch
  • Camera: 8mp
  • Front Facing Camera: 0.9mp
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Network: 4G LTE
  • Processor Type: Quad-core 1.2GHz


The specs are not top of the range, the memory isn’t the biggest and the camera isn’t the best according to the numbers. Though take away the numbers from the equation and you wouldn’t have been able to guess the specifications aren’t high compared to a lot of models on the market in 2015.

You can pick it up sim free for around £120 – which baffled me as it felt like it would be worth much more. It’s a budget phone, for sure, and I think you’d find it hard to get a better phone any cheaper.

microsoft lumia 640 review

The thing I love most about the phone is it’s design. It’s cased in a bright orange cover (other colour options available) and the screen is vibrant.

The cover plastic, which may seem cheap to those used to phones that are housed in, or finished with, metal bodies, but I liked the feel of the plastic and how light the phone seemed to be. There was a difference you could tell between the Lumia 640 and my iPhone 6.

microsoft lumia 640 review

microsoft lumia 640 review

The winning point of the phone for me was it’s bright, clear display.

I downloaded a few games, just to test the graphics of the phone and how well games ran. After experiencing some lag on the previous Lumia handsets, this phone seemed to run like a dream.

It offered a smooth gaming experience and beautiful graphics.

microsoft lumia 640 review

microsoft lumia 640 review

The operating system is now familiar to me and I keep finding more and more functions within the Windows OS. My favourite yet has to be being able to pin individual Whatapp chats to your home screen – and when I am in so many group chats, I like to easily be able to access the ones I use the most.

I have to mention the OneNote application again – as it’s something that has changed the way I work since discovering it on the first Lumia handset I tried. It’s a note app that lets you create different notebooks that each have tabs to use in various ways. I have it downloaded on my iPhone and use it daily at work to keep a track of things such as to do lists, photos of figures, information and passwords I need to keep coming back to and more.

The camera also worked well, without any of the lag I’ve experienced before.

Lumia 630:

microsoft lumia 640 review

iPhone 6:

microsoft lumia 640 review

The images from the Lumia 640 are a lot sharper than the iPhone 6. It captures detail great and the camera app is easy to use.

Overall, I’m impressed with this little phone. It offers so much for those looking for a cheaper option. The graphics are beautiful and I loved the feel of the phone when I was holding it.

Well done, Lumia!


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  • Sarah

    The camera difference shocked me the most, as I always think iPhone photos are pretty crispy on a new model but the Lumia clearly won there, so much more detail and much brighter too!

    One Note sounds like something I need. I have all kinds of lists in the regular in-built notes app on my iPhone but they’re not organised so I find it hard to find a specific one! *runs off to download*

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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