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A quick summery of tech news from the last 7 days that I’ve found most interesting. 

Gmail adds undo send button.

That’s right folks. You can now undo send embarassing e-mails up to 30 seconds after they’ve been sent on Gmail.

You can set have a undo send window of 10, 20 or 30 seconds. In this time, the e-mail will sit at the top of your inbox giving you the option to ‘undo’ – then it won’t send the message.

Great for people like me who often see a spelling mistake RIGHT as I press send!

To Apple, Love Taylor.

My favourite, Tay Tay, write a tumblr entry to Apple Music regarding her disappointment in the tech giant not paying artist for the first three months of their new life stream service – in which they are offering customers a three month trail people.

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Only hours later, Apple’s Eddy Cue had reversed the policy and stated on Twitter that will be paying artists.

It’s fantastic that they’ve listened to Taylor’s plea – but what about the uproar if thousands of Indie artists before her post? All ignored.

Google Self-Drive Car Project.

What! Google is testing 32 self-driving cars. They have been merging in with regular traffic.

There’s been a bit of an encounter this week, when a Google car pulled in front of it’s rival Delphi Automotive car, resulting in it abandoning a rival lane change. Experts say the Delphi reacted perfectly.

There have been accidents between self-drive cars and cars driven by humans in the past, but the fault has always laid with the person driving.

People can share their impressions on the cars and details of encounters with them on this page.


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