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Spam e-mails at an all time low // According to security firm Symantic, there are less spam e-mails been sent now than over the past 12 years. It’s believed they’re looking at other ways to scam money online and there’s been an increase in the amount of malware. Legal action against spam has also contributed to the drop in spam e-mails.

10 years jail time for online pirates // Currently, you can be charged up to 2 years in prison for online copyright infringement. The government is considering raising that to 10 years, in line with the punishment for copyright of physical goods.

Apple Pay hits the UK // Apple Pay has launched in the UK, the first country outside of the US to get it. It’s simple to use, just bring your iPhone close to the tap and go device and use your finger print to authorise payment. Only the latest Apple devices work, though. So you need an iPhone 6, 6 plus and iWatch to make payments.


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