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Weekly tech news is a summer of the stories in tech I’ve found most interesting and entertaining this week viagra precio.

None-stick mayonnaise bottles //  Okay, hear me out here. Mayonnaise is my nemesis. Why is there never a full bottle? It’s always half empty and impossible to get out.  A Norwegian company is developing a ‘non-stick’ bottle that would stop the doom of trying to force mayo out of the bottle!

The end of data roaming charges // When I went to Paris in June, I thought paying £3 a day to use my phones data plan as normal was a pretty sweet deal. It’s not bad for a few days away, but longer vacations could add up to a hefty bill. It’s recently been announced that the European Union will ban all data roaming charges by June 2017, after a 14 month interim period where companies can still add charges, but at a lower rate that will be around 75% cheaper. I’M HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

Mastercard testing a selfie app for verifying payments // Mastercard is trialling an app that can verify payments by holding up the camera to your face as if taking a selfie. It’s being worked on as an alternative for SecureCode, which asks buyers for a password after entering card details into websites. They’re exploring ways to make it secure, though it’s not quiet there yet.


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