Sausage Party // The Weirdest Movie EVER

Sausage Party review

It’s not often a film grabs my attention right from the start, but from the opening song started by the corn on the cob, which outlines the foods desire to be chosen by a human and taken to the great beyond – the ultimate goal – I was hooked.

Sausage Party is based in a supermarket. The animated cartoon appears to be for a younger audience until the profanity used comes fast and hard.

So what does happen to food once it leaves the supermarket? Honey Mustard, after being bought by mistake instead of normal mustard, has had a glimpse of The Great Beyond and comes back ‘fucked up’. After being threatened by Firewater to have his throat slit in his sleep unless he keeps the truth hush, he eventually commits suicide by jumping out of the shopping cart when he is picked again. This leaves Frank the sausage and his girlfriend Bun out of their packaging, as they attempted to save Honey Mustards life. Terrorised by a Douche, they search for Firewater to find the answer to what’s beyond the supermarket doors.

What comes next is a dirty puns, swears and a philosophical undertone about the meaning of life and what’s beyond death.

You shouldn’t watch this if you’re unable to poke a bit of fun at religion, sexuality and life. The ending of sausage party is unexpected and will leave you thinking ‘What the fuck?’ 

Sausage Party review

Sausage Party review Sausage Party review Sausage Party review

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