Super Loot April 2016

super loot april 2016

I know what you’re thinking – I said I was going to cancel the box.

Well, I DID CANCEL IT. But I guess they took the payment before I stopped the direct debit, because I had this box delivered to me over the weekend.

So let’s blog it.

The leaflet with the descriptions on doesn’t say anything about the individual products, which is annoying as if you don’t know what they’re from, it’s hard to talk about it!

That’s one of the annoying things about SuperLoot, it’s so inconsistent with the leaflet. Sometimes it’s coloured, sometimes it’s a black and white photocopy. Some have descriptions, some don’t. So yeah, I’ve cancelled this now but thought I would show it anyway!

Let’s see the goods then:

  • A Drax the Destroywer quote t-shirt.
  • Darkside skittles.
  • A Guardians of the Galaxy tape keyring.
  • Dr Who cards.
  • A Superman figure.
  • A wind-up and walk Star Wars figure.

super loot april 2016 super loot april 2016 super loot april 2016 super loot april 2016 super loot april 2016super loot april 2016 super loot april 2016

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