Gift Guide for Dr Who Fans

dr who gifts

If anyone knows me well, you’ll know that I’m quite the Dr Who fan – over the last few years, I’ve managed to get my hands on quite a bit of Dr Who merch – including a Tardis dress, onsie, cup, necklace, a sonic screw driver, salt and pepper pots and more. I even had a Dr Who themed birthday!

I’ve been on the look out for more Dr Who things, and here are some gifts I’d as a Dr Who fan!

dr who gifts

I actually ended up buying the Christmas jumper! Ha. I would love to Trivial Pursuit to see if I would actually do well in it! I doubt I would as there are so many different characters and story lines!

The hoodie would be perfect for cold evenings at home and I don’t really need the cup, as I have a square one.. but… one cannot have too many cups!

I’ve not had an annual of anything since I was really young, but I’d go for a Dr Who one! The socks would be perfect, again, for winter! The colouring book looks pretty epic, too and I’d love to get into the fairy tales!

Are you are Dr Who fan? What’s your ideal gift?


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