A Christmas Wislist for a Geeky Man

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Less than a week to go and you’re still worrying about what to get a geeky man in your life? Check out some of these and get them on quick delivery ASAP!


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Everyone loves and hates Monopoly. I remember wanting to play it but also getting so annoyed and bored with how long it takes. How about a themed version for a bit of fun?

I went to a bar launch a few weeks ago and I loved that they had a big ice ball in one of the whiskey cocktails. This death star ice mould is perfect and I’m actually tempted to buy myself a couple!

Lighters are always useful, whether you smoke or not for lighting candles or a manly fire. Or something like that.

Again with the Star Wars theme – light up chop sticks?

These virtual reality headsets look like loads of fun! I’d love to try one out and I bet any guy would, too.

Winter is coming has to be one of the most said phrases on Game of Thrones. Apart from ‘A Lannister always pays his debts’. Love this chopping board!

What ideas do you have for geeky men?

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  • Kim Carberry

    I have got my fella the Game of Thrones Monopoly….I wished I had seen the chopping board before now. That is awesome! I have got my girl (the teen) a virtual reality headset…..They do look like so much fun!

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