Xbox Games with Gold October 2016

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The best part of the month is seeing what games you can download for free with Games with Gold on Xbox.

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Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Available: 01/10 – 31/10

I’m not much if a baseball fan, but this game is said to have accurate physics and many stats to track. You can play on your own, against friends, in co-op mode of against the computer.

The Escapists

Available: 16/10 – 15/11

This is a prison escape game. The objective is simple, escape prison. In between planning your escape, you’ll be doing your daily chores and living out prison life.

MX vs ATV Reflex

Available: 1/10 – 15/10

This is a duel control motorbike game that lets you control the bike separately from the rider – which means you can not only dodge bad accidents but do some amazing freestyle tricks.

I Am Alive

Available: 16/10 – 31/10

The world as we knew it ended a year ago and almost everyone has been wiped out. You’re playing a man who is trying to find his wife and daughter in a world where the air is barely breathable, full of crumbling ruins and armed gangs and people that are only out for themselves.

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