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What I’m currently playing // xbox one

xbox games

Oops, a month or so ago I did something terrible.

I ordered an Xbox. A complete impulse buy.

After the amount of time I’ve sunk into my Xbox 360, I’ve been putting off buying the new console because I honestly don’t have time to play for hours a day!

favourite xbox games

I’ve only got 3 games so far and I’ve told myself I can’t buy any more until I’ve played the a decent amount of these! So here are the games I’ve got so far and my first impressions.

DSC_0179Elder Scrolls Online

I’m in love with the Elder Scrolls series. I love this style of game play, where you can level up, gain abilities and do side quests that will keep you going for months.

I put hours and hours into Oblivion, it’s the only game I’ve ever completed where I’ve got 100% achievements.  I also spent around 100 hours on Skyrim before blogging came and took my attention away from video games!

This is an online version of the game that is set 1000 years before Skyrim and features Skyrim, Morrowind and Daggerfall.

I’ve only spent a couple of hours playing so far but I’m excited to see how the online aspect of this will play out! I’ve come across a few other players but I’ve yet to actually interact with them.


Dragon Age Inquisition. 

Dragon age 2 is probably one of my favourite games. The storyline was easy to understand (complicated stories in video games get lost on me as I hate to read lots of text) and the navigation of quests was easy. I played and completed the game in about 2 days.

Dragon Age Inquisition seems to be more like the original game, so far. I’m finding it hard to get into the storyline and progress through the game. Though I’ve only been playing for about 2-3 hours, I’ve decided I’m going to push through and try to get this game completed so I can then put all my effort into the Elder Scrolls.

First impressions are that the map system is complicated, as the abilities and level up systems – but hopefully this will get easier when I’ve had more in game time.

I love how the characters are familiar though and the ability to switch between different people and revive each other if one dies during battle.


Call Of Duty Advanced Warefare.

Oh, COD. How I love and hate you. Probably like most people.

What I love about Call of Duty is that you can nip on for a quick game if you don’t have too much time, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours on it.

You do, however, have to spend hours and hours on it if you want to be any good.

I’ve lost a lot of my mad skillllzzz and my death to kill ratio hasn’t been great! I’ve not played it since Black Ops 2 a few years ago and a lot has changed.

The exo boost system is mad. I just feel like I keep getting shot by magical flying men! I’ve been playing in local play on my own trying to get the shoot while jumping action down, but it’s not going great!

First impressions are that it’s a fun game, but I have no idea why hardly anyone plays kill confirmed, which is my favourite game to play! I just seem to sit on the lobby on my own and then give up and go play domination.

The maps aren’t my favourite, but I’ve been having fun with my experience so far!

xbox games

What have you been playing lately?


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One Comment

  • The Gaming Mum


    I must admit in August (could’ve been September…) my Hubby caved and brought one too! Games are so expensive and finding time now to play them even more difficult haha. You’ve got some good ones there though!

    I’ve played ESO on the PC (max level) and we’ve been trying it for free on XBox this weekend. It flows so much better on a console I feel that with a keyboard and mouse! My tips are take your time with the quests and exploring, there is hundreds of quests in ESO and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Just enjoy the experience!

    Dragon Age Inquisition is great also! I’m still working through my copy.. because I may have too many games to play right now! COD I can’t comment on as I haven’t played it yet but I can definitely recommend Assassin’s Creed Syndicate as well as Fallout. This AC game is probably one of the better ones in recent years! And Fallout is Fallout, it doesn’t need an intro 😉 (note: and I really suck at it!)

    Was great to stumble on your blog and this post, and if you ever want to hang out on the Xbox, feel free to email me your gamertag or tweet me at twitter.com/thegamingmum 😀

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