Machninarium Walkthrough // The Fountain

fountain fountain2


1. Go up the stairs and into the town centre.

2. Pick up the handle on the wall in front of the fountain.

3. Look at the signs on the wall below the clock.

4. Use the handle on the hole under the clock and set it to the values set on the picture – VII and ~.

5. The lady will move and go through the door, look at the sign were she was sitting and set the clock to the time on that note.

6. This will prompt the man in the tower on the right to move, go up the tower and pick up the speaks.

7. Go to the man in the chair and he will give you an oil can.

8. Go back down to where the musicians are and exit through the door on the left.

9. Use the oil can on the dripping oil.

10. Take the oil back to the man and and give it to him.

11. Take the oil can again and kick the pot hole open.

12. Get down the pot hole.

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