Machinarium Walkthrough // The Roof and Greenhouse

greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse2 greenhouse3

1. You need to get past the fan, click the fan and answer each question wrong.

2. This makes the fan angry and blows faster – eventually the engine will blow out.

3. Click the pipe to enter the green house.

4. Pick the stick from the first plant.

5. Use the control panel on the wall and make the lights go green on the first three lights using the hint sheet above to help.

6. Click the main switch within the control panel and this will give the gun power making the large plant grow.

7. Go up the stairs and use the stick on the flower to hold it open. Click the flower and pull out the magnifying glass.

8. Use the glass on the butterfly and remember the sequence for later.

9. Go down the stairs and use the magnifying glass on the projector.

10. Take the second draw and use it in the projector.

11. Go back to the control panel and complete the other three puzzles as per the hint sheet above.

12. activate the switch to turn on the projector.

13. Use the plant and put it in the empty pot.

14. Move the gun over to the plant.

15. Go back to the control panel and use the first switch to activate the gun to make the plant glow.

16. Use the plant and get sunflower seeds.

17. Click the panel on the left wall and put the pattern on the butterfly you saw before.

18. This will open the door and you can exit.

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