Machinarium Walkthrough // The Mine Cart

Machinarium Walkthrough The Mine Cart Machinarium Walkthrough The Mine Cart

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1. Make yourself small so you can reach the control panel on the right under the water tank.

2. Select 2 and A then press the red button. This will move the poles above within reach.

3. Go up the stairs and grab the hook, hook it on to the top of the hand rail.

4. Extend yourself to grab the pole above. Go to the right and get the knife.

5. Go to the bottom of the stairs and use the knife with the bottom of the rail to throw the knife on the track.

6. Pull the rail to activate a cart to come down the tracks, crashing into the knife.

7. Click the wheel from the cart and click to sit on it.

8. Use the stairs bar to go to the next level.

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