Machinarium Walkthrough // The Lift and Kitchen



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1. Go up the ladder and go down the fountain.

2. Open the door and go down the lift.

3. Press the red button on the wall to go down.

4. Click on the window and talk to the other robot.

5. You’ll act as the other robot to open the cabinet, and pick up the corn.

6. Click the boiling pot and put it on the floor.

7. Use the corn on the hot plate.

8. Click the window and go back outside.

9. Pick the hook from the fall when it floors and use it with the window.

10. Click the window to control the other robot again.

11. Climb on the pot and use the hook on the air conditioning to open it.

12. Use it again to pull down the pipes.

13. Put the pot back on the hot plate.

14. Use the pipes with the pot and form rubber pipes.

15. Use the pipe with the oil dispenser on the left.

16. Use the pull chord on the lift.

17. Use the control panel and solve the puzzle using the hint sheet above.

18. Click on the lever to take the lift upwards.

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