Machinarium Walkthrough // The Drawbridge

Machinarium The Drawbridge

Machinarium // The Drawbridge


1. Go to the pole and go up the ladder twice.

2. Click the bottom bar to pull it out, then use it on the hole above you.

3. Go up the pole and redo step two until you’re at the top.

4. Extend your neck and get the bulb.

5. Click the cone on the floor and pick it up.

6. Click the other cones, which will prompt them to be chucked away and reveal the paint under.

7. Use the paint on the bowl of paint.

8. Use the cone on the bowl to change the colour.

9. Use the cone and bulb on yourself.

10. Extend your head to mimic the guard at the start. Use the handle to call the guard to lower the bridge.

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