dungeon boss review
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Dungeon Boss // App of the week

dungeon boss review

This is just a first impressions look of the game Dungeon Boss. I was on the bike at the gym the other week when I remembered how much Candy Crush made the time go faster, so decided to download a new game to play on my phone while cycling.

Dungeon Boss is a mobile RPG that will bring back nostalgia.

Dungeon BossYou battle your way through various levels defeating enemies with a boss at the end of each one. There’s spoils, of course. There’s always spoils. Cash, potions and more.

It’s similar to Pokemon or Final Fantasy in combat style – which each character taking a turn and causing most damage to the enemy using basic and special moves.

Dungeon BossThe characters can gain points and level up and the enemies also get stronger as you go through the game.

Your XP does run out though and takes time to charge, but after playing for 30 minutes on the first time, my XP still hadn’t run out so you get plenty of free game play before you have to wait for it to recharge or pay for me.

It’s a great game, you should try it. It’s fun.

Dungeon Boss

Dungeon BossDungeon BossDungeon Boss

Let’s do this again soon. Same time next week? OKAY.


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