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App of the week: Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain


Down the Mountain is a free game that I downloaded a week or so ago.

It’s the perfect app for those looking for an addictive game that can pass the time – each game usually lasts only a few seconds so it’s perfect for being stuck in queues, waiting for the bus or a good game to play when adverts are on.

The concept is simple – to get down the mountain.

Each level gives you a ‘quest’ or task to complete. These can be quests such as jump on a certain type of tile, use one of the new characters or even get poisoned.

Some levels can be really easy, or some can be hard.

I love the look of the game, it’s very Minecraft-esque with blocks you jump down diagonally. Different blocks do different things, you can get poisoned, set off a bomb, get stuck to toast and there’s even a block that changes the direction of the controls.

What apps are you loving lately?

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain

Down The Mountain



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